Intermediate Excel
Starting DateJuly 16, 2020
DurationOne and a half days
CostTo Be Confirmed
Course code7062

Programme Overview

This course is designed to give users more intermediate commands and functions and how to apply these in their own working environments.

Learning Outcome

  • Learn Range Names
  • Learn about Conditional Functions
  • Learn about Vlookups and Hlookups
  • Learn about Formula Auditing Tools


Who is this course for

  • Everyone


  • Range Names
  • Conditional Functions – if, nested if, countif, sumif, averageif
  • Vlookup/Hlookup
  • Conditional formatting
  • Formula Auditing tools
  • List management – custom sort/freeze panes/data validation
  • Worksheet management & linking – linking content/protecting worksheets and workbooks
  • Macros – introduction

Trainer Profile


Applications Closing on 13th July 2020