Consultancy Skills

Start date: 05 December 2018

Duration: 1.5 Days

Location: Donegal

Cost: €100

Course code: 5099

Programme overview

Consultative advice and business support services within technically driven organisations and markets demand a whole new set of people-to-people skills. These new skills are needed to project and augment the technical skills and knowledge currently being presented to the ‘customer’.
Consultative service providers and customer development professionals are being forced to ‘chase’ their own markets, and are realising that the business advice and relationship-building techniques previously employed can, at times, be perceived as now being the norm so, therefore, the customer is demanding much more professionalism.
The course will focus on the issues that confront consultants/others in managing customers relationships. The proposed content will emphasise three main ‘strands’ of the ‘Consultative Advisor’.

Learning outcomes

  • Deliver a systematic and strategic approach to consultative relationship management.
  • Understand the professional interpersonal factors and relationship skills required for success in consulting service provision.
  • Develop a ‘Customer Relationship and ‘Ambassador’’ toolkit.
  • Be better able to recognise and influence the perception the customer has of the person and the advice that person is giving.
  • Be better able to give professional advice – that reflects the requirement of the customer

Who is the course for

  • Suitable for emerging and mid-level managers who are responsible for making and recommending strategic decisions.


  • Cusotmer Relationship – The Ambassador Role
  • Consultancy Fundamentals
  • Relating To Different ‘Customer Types’
  • Managing the Customer Relationship
  • Assertiveness Skills
  • Stakeholder Management

Trainer Profile

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