Frequently Asked Questions


Please explore the FAQ’s below to learn more about our Network. If your query is not answered, please contact us now to talk to a member of the Network team.

Is there a joining fee?

NO! A simple email to and you are a member!

Is there an application form?


What percentage of funding is available?

We give 30% discount on all training. We pay the training costs and then invoice the members.

How does the system work?
  • You tell us what courses you want to do.
  • Once we have enough people to make it viable to run the course then we source a suitable trainer. We can involve members in recommending trainers if appropriate.
  • We confirm prices and availability with trainers which we will discuss with members.
  • We book trainer, venue etc
  • We pay the trainers on completion of training.
  • We invoice members for 70% of the cost of the training.
  • We look for feedback on all training to ensure that members are happy.